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Welcome to Missouri Rehabilitation Association

Disability shouldn't hold you back.

MRA's mission is to promote an environment in the state of Missouri which gives persons with disabilities a fair opportunity to achieve quality of life through support of appropriate legislation and adequate funding. Our mission is carried out by activities such as:

We believe the state of Missouri has the responsibility to provide services that empower Missourians with disabilities to contribute to the community through competitive employment and that, through their taxes, the costs for these services will be recovered many times over.

The Governmental Affairs Program of the National Rehabilitative Association offers our members the opportunity to participate meaningfully in shaping vocational rehabilitation policy at the State and Federal levels.  The Governmental Affairs Conference is held in every year in Washington D.C. to provide the opportunity to advocate for persons with disabilities at the national level.

"Being the longest-serving and one of the strongest organizations in providing advocacy and awareness on behalf of individuals with disabilities, the National Rehabilitation Association's Governmental Affairs professionals are committed to communicating the importance of informed grassroots advocacy and enhanced outreach to every level of government to ensure the continuation of evidence-based rehabilitation practices and policies." - National Rehabilitation Association

By-Laws of the Missouri Rehabilitation Association:

For a complete copy of our organization's by-laws, please CLICK HERE.